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Awful Spring But There Is Hope

March 25, 2013

You do not need me to tell you what a poor autumn and winter it has been in the fens and surrounding area.

But look on the bright side a good proportion of the winter cereals and rape is in the ground and looks not too bad. This is not the case elsewhere, I am not saying we are sitting pretty but at least we will have a harvest and with a large area of spring crops there are reasons to be optimistic.

The key thing is to remember soil conditions are more important than calendar date so do not force crops into a poorer seed bed than you would like. The cold wet weather looks as though it will be here all week so have a relaxing Easter and prepare for the spring rush ahead.

As for autumn crops apply Nitrogen when you can but do not rush the blackgrass control at least the brass weeds have not outgrown the sprays yet.

Best wishes and hope for a good spring and a big harvest.

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